episode #5: astronauts, etc. writes about waterstrider


I was introduced to Waterstrider by a classmate (who became a bandmate, who now plays in Trails & Ways). This single had just come out, and was making its rounds through the Berkeley campus. There was a lot of excitement about Waterstrider, and for good reason: they were the quintessential Berkeley band, composed of students who lived in co-ops and played music that manifested bay area ideals. I remember the first time I heard the opening guitar line to “Constellation” — really, it felt like the bay put to music.

Waterstrider went on hiatus last year, and it was unclear if there would be any more music from them. It was a strange thing to see a band with that kind of momentum just evaporate. Songwriter Nate Salman left behind a uniquely shaped void when he skipped town.

Then, a few months ago, I heard from a friend that Nate was looking for a place in Oakland, and my first question was if Waterstrider was coming back.

I just saw them play at The New Parish, and it was one of the most satisfying shows I’ve seen this year. The new material was fantastic, and I’m eager to hear what they put out next, whenever that may be. Nate and company: we’re glad you’re back.

-Anthony (Astronauts, etc)

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